Mary Kaun English

Mary Kaun English was born in Southern California and has a BA (Hons) in The Theory of Fine Art and Design from Wimbledon Art College. She works from her pottery located adjacent to the North Cliffs of Cornwall.

Wherever Mary has journeyed she has always been led by the desire to be in wide open spaces; breathing fresh air, experiencing the elements; filling her soul with unrestricted earthly spirituality.

Mary’s connection with the natural world is mirrored in her ceramic practice. Using sustainable and traditional methods, and locally sourced materials Mary works alongside and in tandem with nature on the rugged Cornish North coastline.

The second firing of Mary’s pieces occurs in an open-air pit-firing at her pottery studio or, more frequently, on a nearby beach, exposing the porous clay to the smoke given off by the organic materials placed in the fire. The results are organic ceramic sculptures and vessels painted with the aid of nature.

Each piece is unique – impossible to replicate. Her work is held in collections around the world.

I have been inspired by the components nature provides for as long as I can remember. I revere the strength and beauty it presents. My intention when creating my work is to capture these beautiful, powerful and earthy natural attributes in my organic ceramic pieces.’

Mary facilitates a pit-firing event on Porthmeor Beach every year during the St Ives September Festival.