Full membership of the Penwith Society of Arts is restricted to fifty Members, with the Society made up of painters, sculptors and ceramicists.  Members (with the exception of honorary ones) must live in Cornwall and commit to being active members of the Society, submitting current work for each of the Members exhibitions throughout the year and assisting with the curating and hanging of exhibitions and the selection of external shows.   Membership is for life unless a person chooses to leave, and while the Committee reserves the right to invite artists to join, any vacancies that do arise are usually filled from the Associate membership.  (Associates must have been selected for exhibition at least 6 times in order to be considered for full membership.)  To find out more about how to become an Associate Member, please click here.

The current Officers of the Penwith Society of Arts in Cornwall are:

Chairman: Tom Leaper

Vice Chairman: Jason Lilley

Treasurer: Mary Kaun English

Secretary: Colin Caffell