Bronze Birds

Meet our 2022 Flock

Were you lucky enough to purchase one of our bronze crows in the past 2 years? 

As you may know, their story began when small paper origami birds began to appear on the front desk, left by an anonymous artist.  Sculptor Tom Leaper happened to pop in to the gallery while the staff were discussing the mystery, and decided to take the idea further and enlarge them into bronze to raise money to fund the upgrade of the lighting in the gallery.  The idea took off, people loved them and we have since raised enough money to relight all the gallery spaces, renovate our sculpture garden, build a study centre and replace our glass roof!

The crows were a limited edition, please contact us for more information about purchasing one.

Available Crows:

A small Murder of Baby Crows available at £850 each

One medium Crow left £1800

And we also have our extra-large outdoor sculpture, Daddy Crow priced at £6,500.

To celebrate our 2022 season, we have hatched two new species of bronze origami fledglings which will help us to continue the repair works and improve this wonderful complex of buildings.  Our next mission is to re-roof and repair our eleven artist studios, some of the very few remaining in use in St Ives.  We are delighted to present to you our elegant (but furiously paddling) bronze swans, priced at £850 each, and our symbols of hope for the future, beautiful bronze doves at £1,200, and £3,600 for the larger, magnificent ‘Dove Tail’.

Purchasing one of these beauties means that not only will you own a stunning piece of sculpture by renowned artist Tom Leaper, but that you will be contributing to the survival of our beautiful historic gallery complex, becoming a part of the gallery in the process.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or secure a fledgling for yourself.