St Ives Mariners Memorial by Tom Leaper

St Ives Mariners Memorial by Tom Leaper

A limited series of these miniatures are available for sale with us at the Gallery at £1,400 each (26 x 14 x 8cm), the proceeds of which will fund the casting, production and installation of the main sculpture for St Ives Harbour. Anyone who buys a maquette will have their name inscribed on the side of the monument.

St Ives is world-famous as an artists’ colony and is rightly celebrated for it. Overlooked by many though is the town’s maritime history – its mariners, fishermen and boat builders – their work provided many of those early artists with their inspiration.

The St Ives Mariners Memorial aims to create a lasting memorial to commemorate this maritime history.

In collaboration with renowned local sculptor Tom Leaper, the project aims to fund the installation of a life-size bronze sculpture depicting two pilchard fishermen “Tucking the Net”.

An exciting project for the town which we are thrilled to be supporting!