Christine Feiler

Christine Feiler was born in Bristol in 1948 and is the daughter of artists Paul Feiler and June Miles.

She studied at Bath Academy of Art and Cardiff Art College, and trained as a teacher before moving to Oxford, where she taught ceramics.  Since 1994 she has lived in Penzance, Cornwall, where she has a studio in a converted Sunday School. Alongside her career as a successful ceramicist, she has continued teaching on a part time basis, currently at the Penzance School of Art.

Formed from white stoneware, which is ideal for delicate handling and the creation of a fine finish, Christine’s pots are thrown on the wheel, with segments being joined at the ‘leather hard’ stage. High firing at 1,260 degrees then fuses the colours and shape into a durable, singular form. Often featuring rhythmic stripes or ripples of colour and using subtle or deep bold tones, the resulting ceramic works can be commanding and voluminous or elegant and spare.

She has exhibited widely in Germany, Cornwall, London, Oxford, Bristol, Bath and York.