Studio Gallery: Surveillance

1st February 2020 - 29th February 2020

Group exhibition by Karen McEndoo, Katharine Nicholls and Katie Bunnell.

Private View: Friday 31st January, 17:30 – 19:30

All welcome to attend!


For this exhibition, Karen McEndoo, Katharine Nicholls and Katie Bunnell respond to the uneasy subject of surveillance. They consider the addictive nature of the contemporary peeping Tom, stalking people through the traces they leave on the web, traces that reveal locations and associations as well as thoughts, interests and desires. In the relentless erosion of individual privacy, they feel a latent paranoia that our electronic devices are not only watching but actually controlling us. Seeking out blank spots in the surveilled environment, places beyond the cameras’ view, they are interested in observing and valuing objects of no apparent consequence to the all seeing eye.