Studio Gallery: In a Silent Way

2nd February 2019 - 2nd March 2019

Joint exhibition by sculptor Richard Holliday
and artist Sean Hewitt in our Studio Gallery.

Private View: 1st February 2019. 5:30 – 7:30, all welcome.


Through colour and form, two and three dimensions, canvas and stone, two accomplished artists attempt to explore the meaning of sound and silence through the conduit of Miles Davis “In a Silent Way”.

Sean Hewitt and Richard Holiday are both members of the Abstract 7 group which has held several highly successful shows at The Penwith and in other galleries. This exhibition of work sees both sculptor and artist exploring the soundscapes of jazz specifically through one album, In A Silent Way, by legendary trumpet jazz icon Miles Davis. Through the sculptures of Richard Holiday and the paintings of Sean Hewitt the public are invited to see how two artists display their expressions of jazz through carved stone and paint and canvas engaging line shape and form exploring sound and silence and the spaces in between through the conduit of Miles Davis and more specifically through one album 1969’s In A Silent Way.