Sue Davis

Very early I found my way into the rich joyful field of creating. Life was full of fun and making, coupled with lots of moves to different homes and schools. This gave me a strange self-confidence and independence, so I’m not tied to place or history. It is like walking a path of experience, a journey into the unknown – a mix of excitement, incompetence, ennui, adventure, and arrival with a promise. I call my work “Unbound” because that is my home after many explorations. It allows me movement to continue the journey without the need for “hooks”.

The work rarely repeats itself and does not fall into the trap of repetition. Using many medias and surfaces challenges the traditional conventions of painting and work is built up over time recasting the roles of materials. Old work is often forged into new leaving some of what came before, but with no connection to representation as I found this blocks the imagination and curtails invention and the passage to something new.

Like many of the originators of the Penwith Society of Arts, St lves, I arrived in Cornwall from outside and was pleased to be accepted as a Member in 2015, which I have taken a full part in for many years. Work is always on display in the Penwith members gallery, St Ives.

A detailed exploration of the work can be found in “Abstraction Unbound” (2015),

lSBN 978-0-94838577-3