Jenny Beavan

Artist Statement

“I am interested in movement in relation to natural change, as seen in changed states of matter – decay, disintegration, relocation and reformation – in particular the role ‘water’ plays in this action. In order to discover more about this in my work I find myself exploring the certainty of change, working through ideas of containment, from the conventional form of the vessel, to consideration of the Earth and also our own bodies as vessels.

In order to extend and capture a sense of change in my work I use materials indigenous to inspirational sites, recycling them and re-subjecting them to physical energies and heat. I call on all of my practised techniques, for instance the building and cutting of clay stacks; the taking of surface impressions to create the ‘skin’ and memory of a place; and the encapsulation of fired clay.

The intention in my work is always to capture a moment in the process of change; to reflect both the physical and spiritual quality of ‘place‘; and to suggest equal importance in both the inside and the outside of all my forms.

In the making of my wall assemblages, there is a seed of an idea which evolves during various processes – taking of tree impressions, laminating clay with colour, bringing two strands of action together, layering and re-cycling, dry with wet, re-repositioning and repeating – continually seeking surprise in the making.”


1969 – Foundation Course, Gloucestershire College of Art.

1970-73 – BA in Ceramics, Manchester Polytechnic, Faculty of Art & Design.

1986 – Certificate in Education, Cornwall College.