Chris Buck

Chris made his first bronze sculpture in his teens whilst he was still at school.

A culture of ‘making things’ has run through his family for generations, and his father was a tool maker and who had made sculpture ‘just for himself’.  This family background helped mould and encourage one of the predominant sculptors of the South West.

After Redruth School of Art, Chris worked in an investment foundry in Slough where he had the chance to visit companies like the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Wilkinson Sword and the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield.   The influences of seeing the exquisite craftsmanship of work in an industrial setting, alongside those of visiting Venice, Rome and Florence as a child and seeing the work of the Italian masters, including the sculpture of Michelangelo and Ghiberti’s bronze doors, were developmental.

Chris derives day to day inspiration for his work from simple, mundane objects that he collects.  He surrounds himself in his workshop with shells, wood carvings, eggs, stones, shards of plastic, seed pods and more.  These objects may be found or donated, natural or industrial.  He does not put meanings to his own works, preferring others to derive their own significance from what they see: ‘Being purely abstract, they are simply objects that I love.  However, I enjoy the notion of people seeing things in my creations that I did not intend.  There is meaning; I just don’t tend to dwell on it while I work.’

His art represents a love of making and all things beautiful, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at first.  He would like everyone to be able to slow down, look at the world carefully and notice the little details.

Chris first showed his work as a new Associate of the Penwith Society of Artists in 1998.  He was made a Member five years later and then became Chairman.  He shows in galleries across London and the UK, and his work is in collections throughout Europe, the Middle East and America.