Studio Gallery: Mary Taylor and Martin Grimshaw ‘Transience’

3rd February 2018 - 3rd March 2018


Joint exhibition by Mary Taylor and Martin Grimshaw
Studio Gallery.

Mary Taylor and Martin Grimshaw, live and work on the Lizard Peninsula, and are members of the Lizard Art cooperative, based at its gallery on the Trelowarren estate. At the foundation of both artists’ work is a love of this unique landscape, although each expresses that relationship in a quite different way.

Mary takes elements of the landscape, explores the literal quality, and by a process of deconstructing and reassembling she retains elements of structure in an abstracted form by means of line and colour, without losing all recognition. She feels it is important for the viewer to interpret the work through their own perception, but still feel the sense of place in the finished painting.

Martin’s studio is on the west coast of the Lizard, Predannack, an open landscape, where the sound of the ocean is ever present, gulls patrol effortlessly across the wildest wind, and an isolated skylark sings high, unseen. Now walking alone, memories suddenly intensify and form the subjects of these works; the dance of vigorous mark making and vivid colours attempt to express these transient bursts of the past.