Studio Gallery: Sue Davis ‘Uncertain Spaces’

31st August 2018 - 29th September 2018

Private View: Friday 7th September, 18:00-20:00. 

The exhibition ‘Uncertain Spaces’ originates from a realisation of the vast differences between people and the influence those differences have on the rippling of an unsettled world. Working with abstraction gives Sue Davis the freedom to suggest without prescribing. One can see the work is built in layers and worked over time, some of the history left intact. The exploration with different media leads to many questions and uncertainties, both with paint and construction.

“People will bring their own experience, thoughts and mood to a space. Some will see shadows play while others will look for solidity, today. Tomorrow pools of light and dancing dew will be missed or enjoyed, atmosphere and sounds will bring hope or distraction”.

Sue attributes many of her ideas from the descriptive writing in ‘The Waves’ by Virginia Wolf.