Studio Gallery: Same but Different. Joint exhibition by Roy Goodman, Suzi Gutierrez and Mark Verry

14th April 2018 - 12th May 2018

“Same but Different”

Art shows often have a “theme”, and this one is the same…but different.  Three artists, a painter, a printmaker and a sculptor from different cultures and backgrounds met for the first time (more or less) last year, and started occasional conversations. We discussed our influences and inspirations and explored, amongst other topics, the notions of authenticity and validity, of separateness, inclusion and identity. Each meeting seemed to emphasize the differences between our work, and yet we got on very well, and found lots of common ground. So we decided rather than force it into a contrived mould the show should celebrate our differences.

Mark Verry’s sculpture piece uses modern technology to update the concept of the limited edition of reproductions. The original model is unique and the 3D prints are individual and identical, almost.

Susi Gutiérrez was born in Lima, Perú and trained at Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge. She says of her work ‘My prints and paintings are constructed through process. Feelings and emotions are important in both. They often reflect and reference the stories I build as I walk, the small details of our surroundings, the people with whom I make connections or not”

Roy Goodman’s abstracts are deliberately not a series; the only theme is the randomness of the ideas that started each painting off.  The titles reflect a surreal mind that is physiologically the same as yours,  but different.