Studio Gallery: Liz Cleves

9th March 2019 - 6th April 2019

Private View: Friday 8th March, 17:30 – 19:30

Artist Statement:

“Painting is a matter of fact for me. I am drawn to colour and to the surface of canvas.

There is a certain alchemy within the process of mixing pigments, and putting them to work… a process that runs parallel to creating the picture itself.

I occupy myself with colour as it fills spaces, and with lines that indicate relationships within compositions, as well as assisting with describing form.

I am fascinated by contrasts and changes of atmosphere that inhabit a picture… especially around the interfaces between one shape and another.

There are periods of working when all seems up hill and verges on tedium, but then come those sudden intuitive breakthroughs that open up new vistas of creative thought. Occasionally a seemingly ‘finished’ work will prompt more work with little seeming ‘rhyme or reason’. I rarely see the end of a painting process coming!”