Studio Gallery: Alan Hampson ‘Close to the Edge’

10th March 2018 - 7th April 2018

Close to the Edge

The work explores the historical, industrial, and social aspects of the coast. The subjects are shelters, huts, coastguard lookouts, mines, lighthouse buildings, surf shacks, the wreckage of industrial structures, WW2 defences and other coastal features.


The places selected are marked by human activity, but with not a person in sight. A range of structures constructed over time, which put the mundane and ordinary to the fore. Now generally walked past as if they were invisible and just a normal part of the landscape.


Slipways can be seen as both an end and a beginning. All locations are different and constantly change through time, tide and elements. At a chosen time each day, they become the same when the sea touches them.

St. Ives Steps:

The images are taken over 36 weeks at 9.30am on Monday mornings. Constant are the steps and the time. Change is from the water level, beach, weather, boats and birds.

Artist Profile

Alan grew up in Peru, Manchester and Wales, and also took in London, Birmingham, Yorkshire and a few other stopovers, before settling in Cornwall. Trained as a photographer with a BA and MA in Fine Art he is both a practicing artist and photographer. A passionate hoarder of anything and everything. The son of parents who regularly ‘cleared the decks’ he is convinced it all might come in useful one day.


“You think you own your stuff, but your stuff owns you”-Jim Shaw