Studio Gallery: ‘ARC’ Sue Davis, Lesley Harry, Jane Smith

24th April 2021 - 23rd May 2021


A group exhibition by Sue Davis, Lesley Harry & Jane Smith.

‘Arc is the fifth annual exhibition of prints, paintings, ceramics and glass from Falmouth artists Sue Davis, Lesley Harry and Jane Smith. This exhibition showcases the arcs between and within their practice – the unexpected connections that result when artists collaborate. The result is an exhibition that sparks with vibrant colour and form and abstract expression.’


Sue Davis

All artworks could be looked on as abstract as what we look at is not a thing or a place, it is an impression of something. You could say that what we see is entirely down to the experience of the viewer. This is certainly the case with Sue’s work as no representation is employed. There clearly is a delight in materials and a fascination with light which is in danger of being swallowed up in the surrounding, impenetrable darkness.

Sue’s work embraces the open-ended exploration of plastic expression used by the American Expressionists and is flavoured with the playfulness of Kandinsky’s spiritual awareness. She uses different media to unpack the shifting perceptions and uncertainties emanating as much from the materials as from the heart of the journey. The result is mysterious, pictures that pose as many questions as they answer and leave us with a potential wealth of speculative or interpretive responses. A perpetual state of becoming, a sense of lightness.


Lesley Harry

I live in Falmouth within walking distance of the influential John Howard Print Studios where I turn my sketches and photographs into finished prints. I’m interested in exploring edges in the landscape and the juxtaposition of static and moving forms.

Printmaking encourages endless exploration and experimentation. I create detailed etchings and monoprints that express my interest in the tension and fragility I observe where water, land and rock coincide, be this in a mountain stream, off the Cornish coast or beneath Arctic cliffs.

My hand-pulled screen-prints are bold, joyful experiments in colour combinations based upon algae, ferns, seeds and lichen that abound in Cornwall. All my work is a pared-back exploration of unfamiliar perspectives, scale, pattern and abstraction found in nature. The ‘Edge’ prints are created by cutting stencils that are hand-printed using silkscreens. The series is a colour variable (cv) limited edition of

5-15 prints per image on archival paper, signed and dated on the reverse of each print. This allows for them to be rotated within a frame and hung individually
or as a group.


Jane Smith

‘Jane’s work explores the relationship between various aspects of our environment and how, although they are often contrasting, they work together to create a balanced outcome. The tension between these two materials augments a sense of balance.’ – Sarah Crooks, ‘Balance’

The materials and processes Jane uses are really important to her and relate back to growing up in the Midlands with the surrounding influence of industry and making. The forms themselves are influenced by remembered images and snapshots of the dynamic, ever changing landscape that surrounds her.

The glass and clay elements within Jane’s work can often be physically separated, but the way they work together tells a story about the relationship between humankind and nature.