Lloyd Peters & Nancy Pickard | No Such Thing

5th March 2022 - 3rd April 2022

Private View: Friday 4th March

17:30 – 19:30 All welcome!

‘No Such Thing’

A joint exhibition of ceramics by Lloyd Peters and paintings by Nancy Pickard.

Is there a difference between abstract and figurative, between making and the finished object, between intention and accident? Does it matter?

Lloyd and Nancy’s careers have not so much run in parallel as in opposite directions, with Nancy training as a ceramicist and Lloyd starting out in design. Nonetheless, they’ve formed a firm friendship based on a shared approach to ideas, the belief that you’re allowed to change your mind, and the principle that there are, in fact, no principles.


Lloyd Peters works out of his studio in Halsetown. His ceramics can be read as fine art pieces: with the focus not so much on function as on abstract ideas of proportion, how the working method impacts on the final piece, and turning clay into something that can take centre stage. Looking for expression first and foremost, he treats making as a form of exploration, losing control when that’s what’s needed, but always for the greater good of the pot.


Nancy Pickard uses tactile materials to create patterns and texture that can’t be ignored even while appreciating the subject matter. Currently based in Devon after living in Cornwall for 20 years, her work is an emotional response to life as she experiences it. Drawing inspiration from many different areas, from what’s going on in the world to lyrics going round in her head, she works in a variety of media and techniques. Looking for the place where, as she states, you evoke a bit of magic.