New Gallery: ‘The Eye and I’ by Ken Spooner

19th May 2018 - 16th June 2018

Private View: Friday 18th May 18:30 -20:30 

This is an exhibition of works selected from the past 20 years living and creating in Cornwall.

My art is like a fight in the dark – then suddenly there is light.

I am very much an intuitive thinker – I need stuff:  paint, metal, glue, wood, objects.

I like to see how things are made, and search to give new meaning to the successes and failures of the day.

I like to learn new things, and how I can use them (I experiment a lot).

My recent work appropriates the language of art, history, craft, metal-working, welding and ceramics.

Many works are deconstructed and reconstructed, recycling and exploring my own creative history.

Some things go too far, others not far enough – but I always enjoy the journey.