New Gallery: OCTOBER SIX.

6th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018

Opening Event: Friday 5th October, 18:00-20:00.

Group exhibition by Tom Leaper, Karen McEndoo, David Moore, Seamus Moran, Iona Sanders and Mark Verry

A group of distinct local artists have come together to show their work in a striking group exhibition. These artists were identified and approached by Tom Leaper after having long admired the strength and quality in their work over the years they have been showing at the Penwith Gallery.

Tom found that the artists he admires so much share subtle characteristics that link their unique creative styles. Each feels the influence of the Cornish community that they live and work in. The Penwith Gallery has been central in the history of great artists inspired by Cornwall. ‘October 6’ follows that legacy by featuring work by contemporary artists at once saturated by Cornish influences while moving against the traditional harbour, coastal and rugged landscape depictions.

Fundamental to this curation is the bringing together of artists established and confident in their practice, yet open and playful in their own creative development. The concern being to make work that pushes boundaries and beyond being aesthetically pleasing, effects the viewer in a subtle and lasting way.

Abstraction is used by each artist to different degrees, recognisable forms and simplified, obscured or broken down. A thread of distinction can be caught and traced when the art is considered carefully.

Stand alone and wall-mounted sculpture balance large-scale and intimate paintings to generate a rich and immersive offering for visitors.

Colour is used powerfully to create both tension and calm; muted palettes with flashes of vivid primaries sit beside the earthy tones of natural materials. Amongst these are shocking blocks of colour. Media such as wood and metal are reworked in affecting ways, cutting-edge fabrication processes are tested and the versatility of pigment is celebrated with exceptional skill.

‘October 6’ is a vibrant and masterly collection of fresh work from renown contemporary artists working in Cornwall.