New Gallery: Caroline Hall ‘Near and Far’

3rd October 2020 - 31st October 2020

Caroline Hall

‘Near and Far’

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Caroline Hall’s work is informed by sketches and photographs but is rarely literal.  Semi abstract landscapes singing with colour take the viewer from St Ives, to Hampshire, across the sea to Jersey and as far afield as Yosemite.  This selection of significant works will be the first time Caroline has shown a large collection of paintings since her major retrospective at Southampton City Art Gallery in 2017.


“I have learnt to approach each new painting like a piece of music.  Harmony and discord, louds and softs, major and minor, rhythm and repetition are all in the mix.  Alongside the immediacy that comes with gesture and mark is the balance and rigour of careful composition.  Above all, I am not looking to recreate the look of a place but what it felt like to be there”.

Caroline Hall 2020.

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