New Gallery: Carl Jaycock ‘THE LAND ABSTRACTED’

2nd July 2021 - 31st July 2021

Carl Jaycock


‘THE LAND ABSTRACTED’ exhibition presents a selection of artworks by Carl Jaycock which cover a wide range of media from his career. In recent years he has focused on the ‘Essence’ series which explore the Cornwall landscape and used it to create contemplative and experimental colour focused artworks.


The exhibition includes constructions from the 1990s that explore landscape and places of the South West made from a range of media and materials, to paintings which also explore ideas about looking at landscape and Jaycock’s experience in and through the landscape. The paintings from the 1990s start to echo his use of new image technology to break up imagery in his art practice. Many years of experimental print making has influenced his creative practice concluding in the recent contemplative artworks.


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