Julia Maleeva | MY THREE SEAS

8th March 2024 - 6th April 2024

Preview: Friday 8th March 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

MY THREE SEAS – a journey between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Black Sea.
A solo exhibition of oil and cold wax paintings by Julia Maleeva.

“The sources for my works are coming from my travels around Southern France, Cornwall and Bulgarian Black Sea coast. What makes these places special for me is the light, which is very distinctive and specific. These places are around water, and the colours differ because of the magic of light.

The attempt to bridge the colours of Provence, Cornwall and Black Sea coast, has been a journey between sea, wind, roads, emotions, ink sketches, canvas, paint, light and a viewer. My art is a deconstruction process of layers of paint waiting to be scraped and then layered back in a different perspective, just to show something more interesting. The way to go backwards discovers to me a unique story, like a detective game to find clues from the past.”

Working in oils, Julia is fascinated with the interplay of different perspectives and dimensions, amalgamation of techniques. Exploring two-dimensional relationship with form, colour and texture has always been her main interest. The challenge to maintain the right balance between graphic lines and colours. Influenced by her architectural background often the protagonist is a forgotten old building on a charming cobbled street.

“I use cold wax as one of the main ingredients in my paintings, which allows me to create unique textures. Working only with palette knives I often add to the premixed oil/wax substance – Cornish sand, chopped sea weeds, old tea leaves or just scrapes of old paint from my palette. The whole scraping process involves my imagination to reuse everything again into the painting and be able to create a kind of sustainable art. Small bobbles are one of my signatures, made from scrapes and different mixtures. The wax also helps me to establish more translucency to the oil colours. I am ultimately on a journey to create a new fusion of dry point and oil painting, wrapped in cold wax.”

– Julia Maleeva.