Imogen Rorke | Chaos and Calm

21st June 2024 - 20th July 2024

Preview: Friday 21st June 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

A response to and a respite from my life

I nearly called this show ‘“Driven to Abstraction”, My Family and Other Reasons Why I Paint’. I feel compelled to create and make work, as an escape, a retreat, a therapy, a release. I can’t not create. However, I am first and foremost a mum of three boys (twins 8 and a 9-year-old), all three are homeschooled. Life for me is full, to say the least; my role and responsibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming to the point of suffocation. In the past, my sense of self has been lost in the melee of everyday life.

I have recently had a shift in my perception of why I make art; I used to think myself as an artist in spite of my role as a mother, that (with frustration) motherhood was preventing me from fully fulfilling my role as an artist. I have come to realise that is because of motherhood that I must also be an artist, to create balance in my life, to fulfil my whole self and to express my life experiences.
In addition, my paintings are a direct response to, rather than in-spite of, my role as a mother. My practice is respite from the chaos, but more than being a cathartic exercise, the paintings themselves are a direct expression of the all-encompassing demands upon me and the constant fluctuation between chaos and calm that is my life.

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